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We're a rebel alliance of young people using technology for social good. We're not coding to make the next food delivery app. We're coding to battle the tough problems in government, education, public health, and the like. We're coding to make the world a little bit better. We're Coding it Forward.

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4/10/17: APPLY NOW for the Civic Digital Fellowship!

The Civic Digital Fellowship is a fully-funded data science and technology internship program in federal agencies — the first of its kind. Applications are now open and will be accepted on a rolling basis until April 28, 2017.

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What we do

Our community of over 800 talented young people and professional mentors works hard to empower the next generation to pursue careers using technology for social good. Join the alliance to get access to all our resources:


Our mentors include the former deputy CTO of the US and the founder of the US Digital Service. Join us to get in touch with them!

Jobs and internships

We've compiled a list of 30+ jobs and internships with startups, nonprofits, and governments that use technology for social good. Join our Facebook group to see the full list!

Civic Digital Fellowship Join the group List of 20+ startups

Social impact tech projects

Find ideas for projects that make the world better and find talented people to work on them with. We even send teams to hackathons to work on these! Join our Facebook group to get access.

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Our founders are a team of Harvard students passionate about technology for social good.

Neel Mehta

Harvard 2018
neelmehta [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Athena Kan

Harvard 2019
athenakan [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Chris Kuang

Harvard 2020
ckuang [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Meet the other hundreds of members of the rebel alliance on our Facebook group!


We proudly partner with these student organizations that use technology for social good. We work with them on projects, publicity, articles, and more.

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