Coding it Forward was founded by a trio of Harvard students who were passionate about building a community of people who want to use their technology skills for social good. Starting at Harvard, they've spread Coding it Forward nationwide.

Neel Mehta, Harvard 2018

Neel Mehta   Neel Mehta (Harvard) website Neel Mehta (Harvard) Twitter Neel Mehta (Harvard) LinkedIn

Harvard 2018
neelmehta [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Athena Kan, Harvard 2019

Athena Kan   Athena Kan (Harvard) website Athena Kan (Harvard) Twitter Athena Kan (Harvard) LinkedIn

Harvard 2019
athenakan [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Chris Kuang, Harvard 2020

Chris Kuang   Chris Kuang (Harvard) website Chris Kuang (Harvard) Twitter Chris Kuang (Harvard) LinkedIn

Harvard 2020
ckuang [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu


We thank our mentors, who show us every day what a career using technology for social good looks like and help us connect our members with professional and academic opportunities.

Nick Sinai   Nick Sinai Twitter Nick Sinai LinkedIn

Adjunct Prof. at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; former Deputy CTO of the US

Jeff Meisel   Jeff Meisel Twitter Jeff Meisel LinkedIn

CMO, US Census Bureau

Seamus Kraft   Seamus Kraft Twitter Seamus Kraft LinkedIn

Founder, OpenGov Foundation

Campus Ambassadors

Our Coding it Forward Campus Ambassadors are leaders at top schools around the country, spreading the word about technology for social good around their campus and helping get more students engaged in Coding it Forward. Our ambassadors have founded Coding it Forward-affiliated clubs at their schools, run hackathons, teach classes, and more.

Interested in becoming a Coding it Forward Campus Ambassador? Contact Neel Mehta at neelmehta [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu, or message him through our Coding it Forward Facebook group.

Aiden Fitzgerald  

Cornell 2020

Angela Li   Angela Li (UChicago) Twitter

UChicago 2018

Emon Datta   Emon Datta (Yale) LinkedIn

Yale 2018

Grace Gu   Grace Gu (UChicago) LinkedIn

UChicago 2020

Lesley Cordero   Lesley Cordero (Columbia) LinkedIn

Columbia 2018