The People of Coding it Forward

We're a rebel alliance of people using technology for social good. Founded by a trio of Harvard students, we've spread to campuses across the nation. We'd also like to thank our mentors for their tireless guidance and advice.

Neel Mehta, Harvard 2018

Neel Mehta   Neel Mehta () Twitter Neel Mehta () LinkedIn

Harvard 2018
neelmehta [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Athena Kan, Harvard 2019

Athena Kan   Athena Kan () Twitter Athena Kan () LinkedIn

Harvard 2019
athenakan [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Chris Kuang, Harvard 2020

Chris Kuang   Chris Kuang () Twitter Chris Kuang () LinkedIn

Harvard 2020
ckuang [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Nick Sinai, Adjunct Prof. at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; former Deputy CTO of the US

Nick Sinai   Nick Sinai () Twitter Nick Sinai () LinkedIn

Adjunct Prof. at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; former Deputy CTO of the US

Jeff Meisel, CMO, US Census Bureau

Jeff Meisel   Jeff Meisel () Twitter Jeff Meisel () LinkedIn

CMO, US Census Bureau

Campus Ambassadors

Coding it Forward's Campus Ambassadors are leaders at top schools around the country, spreading the word about technology for social good around their campus and helping get more students engaged in Coding it Forward. As an ambassador, you can run official Coding it Forward-recognized projects, hackathons, and clubs; write for our blog; apply for grants; help design our website and branding; help plan our future programs like the Civic Digital Fellowship; and more.

Want to be a Campus Ambassador? We'll provide you with the mentors (we have professors, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and more advising us), connections (there are over 800 students from schools across the country on our Facebook group), advising, digital resources and infrastructure (from GitHub to our large mailing lists), and possibly funding to help you make your dreams a reality. Not to mention that you'll get a prime spot on our website and the ability to say that you served on the board of a nonprofit.

Apply to be a Campus Ambassador!