Coding it Forward's Pipeline Program

The Pipeline Program connects top students with unpaid technology and data science internships in federal agencies.

Designed to be a supplement to Coding it Forward’s Civic Digital Fellowship, the Pipeline Program helps students, especially underclassmen, make real-world impact and learn what it's like to be a technologist in the public sector.

Summer 2017

This summer, we're proud to be working with IRS, EPA, VA, and NIST to connect students with unpaid internship opportunities. Out of hundreds of applicants, we worked with leaders in these agencies to interview and hire a handful of students for each agency.

Work with us

If you're interested in interning in the public sector through the Pipeline Program or the Civic Digital Fellowship, we encourage you to join our Facebook group to get notified when we're starting applications for Summer 2018, and to connect with students, college clubs, startups, and other employers!

Agencies: if you're interested in getting access to hundreds of talented technology students from top schools across the country, please contact Chris Kuang at ckuang [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu! We're already starting to choose agencies to include in the Pipeline Program and Civic Digital Fellowship for Summer 2018.