A student-run solution to govtech skill shortages

"Government agencies, especially civilian ones, often lament the difficulty in hiring skilled young technology talent, with millennial computer science grads often opting for higher-paying private-sector opportunities.

From the perspective of young outsiders, the biggest challenge to government careers isn't the work or difficulty adjusting to a workplace that doesn't accommodate commonplace apps such as Slack and Google Drive. For many, it's simply getting into government and seeing firsthand whether they like it."

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Demand for the first edition of Coding it Forward’s Civic Digital Fellowship surprises even the founders

"As recently as March, the precocious group of Harvard undergrads wasn’t sure it would work, but it did: Fourteen students are now in week nine of a 10-week internship at the U.S. Census Bureau as the first cohort of the Civic Digital Fellowship.

The idea was simple: What if we can find a way to get undergraduate computer science talent into interesting, meaningful tech internships in the federal government? Government internship recruitment, the comp-sci students found, isn’t targeted at them." 

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What's new in civic tech: Harvard students, U.S. government partner to address digital skills gap

"A nonprofit organization aimed at inspiring young people to use tech for social good is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to provide fully-funded data science and technology internships within the federal government.

This summer marks the beginning of the effort, which brought 14 interns from top academic institutions (think Harvard, MIT, Cornell and Duke, among others) to work at the Census Bureau."

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Harvard students partner with U.S. government to address digital skills gaps

"Last fall, I really wanted a civic tech internship, so I turned down internship offers from companies like Facebook and Microsoft to find one. I must have applied to 30 government tech internships — but I realized very quickly that there were no government tech internships that were even close to Silicon Valley in terms of quality. I realized, more generally, that there are no on-ramps for helping young, socially-minded technologists get involved with the government."

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Harvard undergraduates launch fellowship to connect students early to federal agencies

"Not every tech-savvy student at an elite college is looking for a summer internship in Silicon Valley, and if an opportunity in government is the goal, Neel Mehta says attractive options can be scarce."

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Harvard students spin up gov-tech internship

"Thanks to the work of a tech group launched by three Harvard University undergraduate students, the federal government may be getting a summer tech and data science internship program analogous to those offered by Silicon Valley."

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